LEC and ComEC Voltage Optimisation

LEC and ComEC Voltage Optimisation FAQ

What are the typical savings for various applications?

Up to 35% savings on lighting loads with the LEC. Savings of up to 18% on the entire supply can be achieved with the ComEC

What does it cost and what is a typical payback period?

Costs vary depending upon the size of the unit and the complexity of the installation. Return on your investment usually occurs within 2 years or less.

What are the benefits of voltage optimisation?

Voltage optimisation with the LEC or the ComEC has the following benefits:

• increased efficiency of lighting and equipment
• lower kWh usage due to operation at the ‘right voltage’
• reduced maintenance costs due to reduced stresses on lighting/equipment
• less need for air conditioning due to reduced heat-waste emissions from lighting
• improved power factor on the optimised circuits

There simply are no downfalls or disadvantages to voltage optimisation with the PowerSines LEC or the ComEC from RWTS.

Does my electricity supply have to be turned off?

Only the relevant circuits (i.e. lighting for the LEC) and the work can usually be done in approximately 2-5 hours, arranged out-of-hours or at a time convenient to you.

What about maintenance or servicing costs?

There are none, the units are maintenance free. But for peace of mind RWTS back the units with a 2 year limited warranty.

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