Power Factor Correction

What is Power Factor and how does it affect me and my business?

If you are a UK electrical consumer, it would benefit you to know about your power factor, as most utility companies charge a penalty tariff for using electrical energy inefficiently. This penalty tariff is based around the power factor value calculated from your electricity usage.

Power factor in simple terms is a measure of electrical efficiency, a typical uncorrected power factor in most industrial & commercial organisations is around 0.8pf which in real terms means a 1000kva transformer can only supply an 800kw load, a reduction in utilisation by 20% which could also be applied to the switchgear and cables.

Power factor can be restored with the use of Power factor correction units containing Power factor capacitors.

Why improve my Power Factor ?

Improving a systems power factor will reduce the total power consumed by an electrical installation and will provide the following benefits:

Financial saving – By reducing power consumed electricity costs are reduced.

Extended equipment life – Reduced electrical burden on cables and electrical components.

Increase load capacity – Provide additional capacity for other loads to be connected.

Environmental benefit – Reduced power consumption means less “Greenhouse” gas emissions and fossil fuel depletion by power stations.

How can RWTS help?

RW Technical Services have wide experience of the installation and maintenance of power factor correction units.

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